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Welcome to the John LeGrand memorial website.


Hello and welcome!


This site was created to honor the memory of a great man. I say this because John LeGrand was not only a talented artist, as you will see, but because he was a great human being.  Anyone who knew him, I’m sure, would readily concur. His passing in late 2005 is felt by all of us – his presence, his laughter, his jokes, his friendship.  His legacy, partly assembled here, creates a pleasant reminder of who he was and what he loved.


John wanted the world to see his works – his “children” as he called them.  The Internet has granted his wish.  Just before his passing I proposed the idea of a web site, and he was delighted by it.  His works are now on display.  As you will see, his affection for New York City and Central Park is obvious. My hope is that you will find in them as much enjoyment as I do. 


The site contains images of his oil paintings, including a self-portrait he made as a young man. He also made countless pastels and drawings of a variety of subjects.  Some of these may be displayed here eventually.  We also feature a few Prague paintings.  John was enamored of Prague and visited me several times when I lived there with my family during the 1990’s.  He always traveled with paint supplies!


In the about section is a press release issued for a private showing of his works in 1992.  I think it describes his context well.


He was my relative, and for that I was lucky.  But like many of you, he was also my friend.  For that I am honored.  I would like to humbly dedicate this site to him.


I hope you enjoy his works!


Ted Heisler


February 2007















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